Welcome to the Spring 2018 semester.

The financial services industry is forever changing, and keeping up with the changes requires continuous education and training. CFTEA provides education and training programs specific to the financial services industry as well as professional and business development programs to keep you up to date and ready for those changing roles in banking. With many formats to choose from, taking a class or training program CAN fit into your busy schedule!

Many of the courses CFTEA offers are applicable to nationally recognized diplomas and certificates, and can often be transferred to colleges and universities. CFTEA’s partnership with Saint Joseph’s College provides a four-year college degree: BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BSBA): BANKING MAJOR and all of the required classes can be done by distance-learning!

The goal of all CFTEA training and educational programs is to provide bankers with the job specific skills and knowledge for a successful career in the finan-cial services industry. Here are just some of our options for you!

New self-paced online classes and certificates from OnCourse Learning – from bank compliance to financial a professional development skills to sales and secu-rities training, OnCourse Learning has it all! Click here to get complete information on OnCourse Learning.

CFTEA is now offering several mini-certificates in personal development and sales. Utilizing self paced online programs from HRDQ, the programs are easy to access and navigate and quick to complete! Click here to see our CFTEA eLearning Certificates.

If you aren’t into instructor-led online classes but your class isn’t available in a live format, try out our WEBCOURSES. If you have not tried a webcourse, give it a shot – you can’t lose –if you don’t like the format after the first session, let us know and we’ll take you out of the course, no questions asked and no costs incurred! Click here for more information about our WEBCOURSES.

Interested in working on a CFTEA Diploma or Certificate? We have programs for almost every banker – Our diploma and certificate worksheets will give you the information you need to complete the program of your choice.

Lots going on at CFTEA in 2017! As always, our CFTEA staff is ready and waiting to help you - Contact Johanne@cftea.org, Tammy@cftea.org, or Tanya@cftea.org for help, for information, or to register.

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