Classroom Classes

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Live classroom courses are offered as daytime formats and evening classes. Live CFT classroom training and instruction provide benefits that have been realized by bankers for over 100 years:

  • Live evening classes are primarily taught by bankers with the expertise and experience of "living what they teach". They are "Bankers Teaching Bankers" and are dedicated to helping fellow bankers to achieve their educational goals in the financial services industry.
  • Our instructors bring real-life experiences to classrooms to share with their students. Face-to-face discussions can be lively and engaging; bringing information to a classroom that is not evidenced in self-study and online learning formats.
  • Students realize the benefit of real-life experiences and networking with fellow students from various financial institutions. Banking acquaintances and even friendships are developed that can last an entire career.
  • Instructors help their students to clarify and distinguish between important information that should be focused upon and simply interesting or fun information in textbook material.
  • Student questions and concerns are answered immediately, benefiting the entire class of students.
  • The structure of attending a class on a certain day at a certain time for a certain number of weeks keeps students on track with learning the material and finishing the class satisfactorily.