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Check our CFTEA Diplomas and Certificates and Print the handy worksheets to help you keep track of your progress.


If you believe you have completed or are approaching completion of a diploma or certificate, please let the CFT office know. Contact Tammy@cftea.org or call 1-888-366-3242 or 207-688-6225. We want to be sure to have you on our list of graduates for this year. Diplomas and certificates are awarded in May/June. Don't be left out - contact us now!!!

B.S. in Business Administration: Banking Major (BSBA)

2018 Diploma & Certificate Catalog – All of the award worksheets in one handy document!

Award Requirements and General Information

2017 Diploma & Certificate Catalog –
Did you have at least half of the 2017 requirements of a Diploma or Certificate completed as of 2/1/2018?
If so, the 2017 requirements are available to you until 2/1/2021