Guided Learning

If you find attending live classes difficult with your busy schedule and family obligations, and online computer training is not your preference, self study may work well for you. For each self study class you will be required to study on your own; however, you will have an instructor available to help you just a telephone call away. Upon registering for a self study class you will receive the class material including an introduction letter, a syllabus and instructions for working through and completing your chosen class.

If you have registered to take a 3 credit class* you will be required to complete and send in quizzes that will be graded and returned to you. You will be required to complete two exams that will not be returned. Upon satisfactory completion of the class, which you must complete within six months, you will receive your grade and the appropriate credits for the class.

If you have registered for a class of less than three credits you will be required to complete exercises that will be sent to the CFTEA office for grading. One final exam will be required for completion of the class.

*Written Communication requires the completion of several writing exercises and one final exam. General Accounting and Analyzing Financial Statements require sending work to your assisting instructor on a regular basis.

CFTEA Instructor-Led Online Courses


If you are a banker with adequate education and motivation, you may undertake self-study to test out of many CFTEA courses. Study at your own pace to prepare to take an examination that will become your grade for the course. No lessons or exercises are required. A final examina-tion grade of 70% out of 100% is necessary in order to earn the credit. The exam must be taken within three months of class registration. Classes above in italics are available through Testing Out. Tuition: $200.00. If the class material is requested in order to prepare for the exam there will be an additional cost.

Registration Requirements for Self Study and Testing Out: Registration for any of these programs will be accepted at any time throughout the year. To register, complete the enrollment form under Registration Options, have the enrollment form approved by the proper individual at your financial institution, and fax to (207-688-6223) or send the form to CFTEA.

Extension Policy for Self Study: Extensions ARE NOT GRANTED for 1 and ½ credit classes. Any 1 and ½ credit class not completed within six months will be automatically closed. One three-month extension for a 2 or 3 credit class may be granted with no fees. Any 2 or 3 credit class requiring an extension past nine months from the start date of the class will be assessed a $50.00 extension fee per three-month period. NO THREE CREDIT CLASS WILL REMAIN AN OPEN ENROLLMENT PAST 18 MONTHS OF THE START DATE OF THE CLASS. Extension Policy for Testing Out: One three-month extension will be granted. NO TESTING OUT ENROLLMENT WILL REMAIN OPEN LONGER THAN SIX MONTHS.

Withdrawal Policy: Withdrawal from a self study class or testing out must be made in writing and sent to the CFTEA office. A withdrawal no-tice received prior to fifteen days after the date of the introduction letter will result in a tuition refund less a $25.00 cancellation fee and the cost of any materials sent to the student along with postage and shipping fees incurred. No refunds will be issued for withdrawals of a self study class or testing out after that time. The class may be transferred to another student for a transfer fee of $50.00