Student Records, Transcripts & Transfer Credit

Center for Financial Training follows a strict confidentiality policy regarding CFT student records. All requests for CFT student records must be in writing from the student. The one exception to this requirement is for the authorized representative at the student's financial institution to receive the students grade upon the completion of classes, and receive transcript information on employees for personnel files. Students sign an authorization to release this information to their employer when they register for a CFT course. Below are the types of recordkeeping services available from the CFT.

Student Records

CFT maintains all student records on a permanent file at the CFT administrative office. Students who wish to obtain a copy of their CFT student record (transcript) should complete the CFT Student Request For Recordkeeping Services Form. A $10.00 administrative fee must accompany the request. All requests will be honored within ten days of receipt of the request form and payment.

Transfer of CFT credits to a college or university

Most colleges and universities require an official transcript when students request a transfer of CFT credit. An official transcript costs $10.00. The official transcript fee, along with the Student Request for Recordkeeping Services Form, should be mailed to the CFT office at Auburn Hall, Suite 303, 60 Pineland Drive, New Gloucester, ME 04260. CFT will send your official transcript directly to the college. Many colleges and universities accept CFT credits toward their degree programs; however, please keep in mind, no college is required to accept transfer credit from any other educational facility, regardless of accreditation status.

Transfer of college/university credits to CFT

Credit for completed college courses may be transferred to a student's CFT transcript. In order to receive transfer credit into a CFT students record, students will need to complete the CFT Student Request For Recordkeeping Services Form, and forward it to the CFT office, along with the $40.00 transfer credit evaluation fee. Please instruct your college to send your transcript directly to the CFT office.

Classes must be completed satisfactorily with final grades of "C" or better in order to be eligible for transfer. On file at the CFT office are course catalogues from various colleges, listing course descriptions. If we do not have a course catalogue on file for the college you attended and we cannot find course descriptions for the classes you would like transferred on the college's website, we may ask that you send a catalogue to us before we can evaluate your transcript. A fee of $40.00 is assessed for the evaluation of transfer credit which must accompany the request. Please allow two weeks from the date of our receipt of your request to our confirmation of transfer credit.

Upon completion of the transfer credit evaluation by CFT students will receive a CFT transcript reflecting which college credits were accepted into their CFT student record.

Student file changes and corrections

A file is opened for a student when his/her first enrollment form for any class arrives at the CFT office. Beginning with the Fall, 2005 semester, student records will be maintained by the last four digits of the student's social security number. Should you desire not to provide us with this information, we will assign a student identification number to the enrollment listed on the enrollment form. Records under this student id number may not contain your entire file, and may require time-consuming research in order to combine all of your information in our CFT files under your student number.

Often a student will change his/her place of employment, last name, etc. Occasionally a student's name is misspelled on his/her records and should be corrected. Please do not allow an error in a name or a change of name or place of employment to remain incorrect. Complete a Student Request For Recordkeeping Services Form and mail the signed request to CFT. Due to student privacy laws, all requests must be mailed with the student's signature on the request form.