Why enroll into a CFT WEBCOURSE?

* If a live class is preferred, our Webcourses are LIVE!!! All students and the class instructor will attend the class together with their computer and telephone. They will discuss class topics together, view material placed online by the instructor and have questions answered directly and immediately by the instructor.

* If being able to plan on attending a class at a specific time helps a student to successfully complete the class, our webinars are scheduled for specific days at a specific time. Students will be expected to participate in each class.

* Our instructors are bankers within our footprint and have been CFT instructors teaching our classes in our live classrooms.

* Attend your class for two hours once a week for a stated number of weeks. Homework will be assigned and expected to be completed prior to the next class session. Participate from any location with a telephone and a computer with Internet access – office, home, library.

No live class available in your area? An CFT webinar can be attended from ANYWHERE!!!

CFTEA WebCourses


A CFT webcourse blends the convenience of attending a class online, wherever you may be, with the value of being a part of a live classroom. Use your telephone and computer to join the classroom at a specific time on a specific day with a “live” instructor. Prepare assignments that you will discuss in class and review material your instructor places online that you will see on your computer alng with the rest of your class. Participate in discussions and ask questions of your instructor during class. Finish the class in fewer sessions earning the same credits as comparable in-person live classes.

What students have said about CFTEA’s Webcourses:

“I love the convenience of taking classes by webcourse.”

“It is very easy to get a class done by using a webcourse.”

“The learning environment and style is friendly and helpful.”

“So far I’ve taken three webcourses, and the teachers have all been attentive, friendly, helpful, and make the class interesting.”

“I would recommend webcourses and the teachers. They are a great experience.“

“I have no cons about learning in a webcourse format. I enjoy webcourse classes, very convenient to busy schedules.“

CFTEA Webcourse test Drive CFTEA Key to Success